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World Language Exchange is for students motivated by personal relationships, a new job, a wage increase, ethnic identity or simply a spirit of exploration.

World Language Exchange is for highly talented language teachers who speak English as a second language and can be easily understood. We want teachers that want to be part of the virtual classroom revolution. Certification is a plus—talent is a must.

At World Language Exchange, we offer language services for the 21st century and beyond. World Language Exchange is a live virtual language school, offering high school and university students, employees in private and government sectors, and U.S. military personnel the opportunity to learn languages. Our courses may be taken for academic credit or professional advancement. Our talented devoted teachers are available to begin course offerings in fall 2009.

Our virtual 21st century classroom operates on the most advanced multi-media platform. This means teachers and classmates will appear on students’ monitors via webcam. Students can participate in class by typing, speaking or writing in real time, and will receive immediate, interactive feedback. Our virtual classrooms enjoy a low teacher student ratio. Private tutorials are also available. In addition, classes are recorded, enabling dedicated students to review their lessons often and at-will. The recorded lesson is also helpful if a student is absent.

Several supplemental resources are also available, including CD ROM software, television and radio from native countries, live chats, blogging, pod cast library, regional music, hard copy books, and the most cutting-edge online video language games. When these resource activities are combined, the necessary atmosphere for language acquisition is created. It’s all just a click away. Click here to register, or here to just see our courses.

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