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About Studio Tibi

The best artistic directors in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Video production, Choreography, Dance and Singing Teachers, are just a few trades of the Studio Tibi Crew. A unique combinations of artistic and technical skills, the Tibis are both choreographers and audiovisual specialists. With backgrounds in Electronics, Micro Mechanics, Sound Engineering, Stage Directing, Photography, Multimedia presentations, Web Design, and of course, Video Production, the Tibis combine their talents to produce and direct perfect events.
Operating from their studio in Trumbull, CT the Tibis serve Fairfield County, the NY metropolitan area, and the world, producing DVDs, documentaries, promotional videos, corporate films, advertisements, infomercials, music videos, wedding videos, Bar-Mitsvah videos, and special events. Studio Tibi's video production services include a digital video editing suite and on location videographers.
Specializing in Jewish happenings, including Weddings and Bar/Bat-Mitzvah celebrations of any size, the Tibis play the music (DJ service), lead the dancing (including “Israeli Folk Dancing”), lead Hebrew singing, and video tape the whole event, delivering an elegant DVD that will preserve your memories forever.

Personal Theme Cooks; Combining the Tibis love for cooking and baking the couple started to cook for special private events (kosher or kosher style) at your location "Theme Meals"; Israeli, Italian, Indian, Persian, or even Burmese,

The Tibis met in London in 2003 in a dance workshop. In June 2005 the got married and live happily ever after.


About Tibi (Nani)

In 1981, after a successful dancing career in Israel, Tibi came to the USA to further his education in choreography and theatre production. Working to expand his creative range Tibi also developed exceptional skills in film & video editing. He designed and built several editing suites, among them, the first "Russian Television Network" (RTN) in the USA. Tibi has edited numerous award-winning films including The EMMY award-winning public service announcement “It's Up to YOU” in 1995. For the last twenty years Tibi has created, installed and operated multimedia presentations developed for corporations, schools and non-profit organizations.

Today Tibi is the Vice President and Director of Technology at the "Hartley Film Foundation” in Westport, CT where he works on creating films to better the world. He manages “Studio Tibi”, the Multi-Media Production business in Trumbull, CT. Among this skills Tibi is also a gifted cook. He and is wife Asya are private cooks, Kosher or Kosher style.
Tibi continues to teach dance and Israeli music to children at local schools in Fairfield County, CT and in his free time you may find him dancing around the world.

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About Tibi (Asya)

Friendly, dedicated, professional and precise are just a few of Asya's characteristics. Asya lives in Trumbull, CT and teaches Ballet, Character Dance, International Folklore and Israeli Folk Dancing to all ages. In addition to her choreography and stage production skills, Asya Tibi is also a talented costume designer, a fabulous baker and a photographer. Now, partnering with her husband in managing “Studio Tibi”, she contributes a brilliant eye for creativity and aesthetics. Asya operates the second camera and leads all the line and circle dances during events. For special personal orders, Ms Tibi will land her baking skills together with her husband to create a marvelous theme meal.

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