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Tibi is having a lot of fun messing up the works of artists as well as his photography.

Also, each print has a small fly hidden somwhere. can you find it?




Let's start the up coming new year by waking up and taking care of this world together.


Fun Art

Bartel Van Kool Love Letter

Willem Bartel van der Kool, "Love Text" (Love Letter)

Aulbert Garden part

Albert Aublet, Reading iPad on the Garden Path

Last Supper DaVinci

Leonardo da Vinci, The last Supper on Hanukah.

Colbert Calm Sea

Gustav Colbert, The Calm Sea with Horses by Tibi.

Mengs Cupid

Anton Raphael Mengs, Cupid Drawing on Tablet.s

Barocci  Girl Reading

Frederico Barocci, Quintilia Fischieri - Girl on the Phone with iPad.s

Leonardo Davinci Vatican

God Presses Easy.

vangogh Field

Van Gogh, Field with Tibi's Horse.

Medici Portrait

Lorenzo de Medici and iPhone.


Perugino Portrait

Pietro Perugino, Portrait of Francesco delle Opere - go ahead, make his Day!

Cesanne Card Players

Paul Cezanne The Card Players electronically.

Picasso Dora Maar

Picasso, Dora and Phone.

Greco Portrait of the Artists

Greco, Portrait of the Artists Jorge Manuel Theotokopoulos with iPad.

Vatican Raphael School of Athens

Raphael, Vatican, School of Athens


Utamaro Girl in the window

Utamaro Girl Face Timing on Phone.


Goya Cronus Eating his son

Second look at Cronus (Saturn) Eating Goya.

Monet Wheat Field

Claude Monet, the Wheat Amish Field in Pennsylvania

Monet Sprintime

Monet, Springtime iPad.

Dega Ballerina Dancer on stage

Dega's Ballerina Dancer on the Sage with Head Phones.

Dega Ballerinas Class

Dega Dancers with Head Phones Listening to YouTube with Teacher.

France Hals, Laughing Cavalier

France Hals, the Laughing Renaissance Warrior.


Matisse, Odalisque Au Fauteuil - Girl with Tibi's Phone.


Picasso Dora Maar

Picasso, Dora Maar on the Phone.

vanGogh Stary night

Van Gogh, Stary Night with the Enterprise.


Rembrant Night watch

Rembrandt, The Night Watch Orchestra.


Whitch on segway

Utagawa Toyokuni, Long Hair Whitch on Segway



Van Gogh, Self Portrait with a Better Ear


Van Gogh Self portrait

Van Gogh, The Good Ear.



Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring and fly on her nose.


Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa on 3D IR


Gaisha with iPod

Utamaro, Geishas on the iPad.


Dali Time



Classics Collection

The Classics






Red Mini

Red Mini in Rome on black and white.


Green Post Car

Green Post Truck, Budapest


Green Post Car

Green Post Car in Budapest


Red Fiat 400

red Fiat on black and white in Rome.


Red Vespa

Red Vespa in Rome on black and white


Yellow VW

Yellow Beatle in Rome on black and white.


Time Square Art

Time Square with Tibi's Art


sleeping on the job World in his hand

... sleeping on the Job


Hebrew Letters

Hebrew Alphabet


Stairs Pictures Collection

Stairways to the Holyland


Doors of Israel

Doors to Israel



Windows of Israel




Vehicles with a Painting


Cruise Ship in Bermuda


Sunset in Ceasaria


Shoe on the beach of Haifa

Haifa Beach



Haifa Pebles


Rome Monistary

Rome Monestary


3 pillard Old Rome

Rome Old City


Rome Old City

Rome Old City


Paris 2CV

Paris 2CV


Amsterdam REd Wooden Boat

Amsterdam Red Wood Boat


Stain Glass Boat Amsterdam




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