Tibi the Multimedia Specialist

Multiscreen Setup

Tibi is a very talented multi-media producer. He takes the project from concept through production to presentation. Working at his studio in Trumbull, Connecticut, Tibi creates video presentations, slide shows, CD-ROMs, as well as DVDs. Tibi's clients vary from corporations and educational institutes, to the private client. Infomercials and documentaries are his forte but his passion is for music videos. No one can synchronize the beat and edits like Tibi. His talent as an editor earned him an EMMY for an award-winning Public Service Announcement music video in 1995. Today Tibi works with a digital editing suite combined with linear equipment to create the best possible presentation for his customers. Tibi travels to different locations to shoot his projects, and has edited on location by special arrangement.

Editing Suite Designed and built by Tibi